When you order your Revesby Estate venison, not only will you be enjoying a prime piece of British game, you will also be enjoying the fruits of a long heritage.

We offer some of the most high quality venison meat for sale in Lincolnshire. 

Revesby’s history stretches back almost nine hundred years, when Cistercian monks from Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire established a monastery in 1143. The Revesby Estate deer park was created by the first Joseph Banks, great grandfather of the renowned botanist and president of the Royal Society, Sir Joseph Banks, in 1717.

Why Fallow Venison?

  • It has a lower fat content than chicken
  • It does not have such a strong game flavour
  • The meat is succulent and tender

The Deer

  • Naturally graze the large expanse of the deer park 
  • Are wild, with no use of any antibiotics or medicines 
  • Only those in peak condition are selected to become venison for sale
  • Forward thinking management resulting in rich flavours and delicate textures

The Provenance

  • Historic herd, from an Estate with nearly 1000 years of history 
  • BBC Countryfile covered the herd’s forward thinking management 
  • Proud to be a part of Lincolnshire’s fine food culture

The Cuts

  • No need to purchase the carcass, purchase just what you wish to buy
  • Our meat offering includes: Haunch, Loin, Fillet, Kidney, Minced/Diced, Burgers and Sausages

The Delivery

  • All joints are sent frozen, (we can send fresh, however only on the 1st week of November, December and February) 
  • We deliver in specialist ice boxes with ice packs 
  • Delivery is guaranteed by 12.00 next day 
  • Delivery up to 5Kg costs just £6


  • As it is our first season, supply is limited. All orders over £100 will receive a 10% discount

The Estate’s deer herd live and thrive in the natural environment that the parkland provides, grazing on the rich pastures under the shelter of the Lincolnshire Wolds behind.

Only deer in peak condition are selected to become venison meat for sale. Great care is taken at every stage of preparation and connoisseurs of fine venison will appreciate this care in the rich flavour and delicate texture of the dish on the plate.

It is a real taste of history and we are pleased to present our venison as a part of Lincolnshire’s fine food culture.

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