Natural Environment


Situated in the heart of Lincolnshire’s outstanding countryside, all at Revesby are continually reminded of the Estate’s responsibility to the natural environment. All aspects of the Estate’s work have environmental responsibility at their heart. Working for today means working for the future as well.

The balancing of the needs of the environment against the need for profit is one of Revesby Estate’s most defining characteristics. We view and deliver our environmental objectives in a unique way. 

We view them in five key pigeonholes:

Arable lands

Wet Lands


Grass Lands

Reduction of Carbon & Waste

These varied natural environments require detailed and long-term planning to ensure they survive and thrive. At Revesby, we operate 5-year, 10-year and 15-year environmental plans to ensure the Estate will support the species that rely on it far into the future.

When necessary, we will both create new habitats and improve existing ones, constantly seeking to not just maintain, but also diversify, the wide variety of animals and plants that rely on the Estate for their survival.

Regular surveys and species mapping ensures we are constantly aware of the health of the Estate’s natural environment and all of the Estate’s commercial departments are committed to these principles. We rely and work closely with both government and membership organisations as well as volunteers.


Grasslands - Revesby Estate

With over 500 acres of grassland, they amount to a significant acreage and play a vital role within the local ecosystem. Two of the easiest wins, are reduce spraying allowing a diversity of plants and wildlife to flourish. As well as not only planting but just as importantly keeping standing dead trees as well as fallen limbs. This rotting timber supply as a hotel and food supermarket for so many species.


wetlands at Revesby Estate

In total we have 14 lakes/ reservoirs, with the largest being 35 acres. Over the last years we actively worked on increasing bat numbers. We have added 15 bad boxes as well as created safe feeding zones. Local volunteer groups help survey and track progress. To everyone’s surprise some boxes were occupied within 12 months of erection.


Woodlands at Revesby Estate

Working closely with the Forestry Commission, Revesby Estate Woodlands is committed to the highest standards of woodland sustainability and environmental management. 

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our forestry knowledge and expertise. Our woodland management plan includes habitat creation, sustainable felling cycles and a commitment to replanting using English seed stocks to continually regenerate. Our traditional English woodlands are managed for today and for the future.

arable land

Arable land at Revesby Estate

For more information on how the arable farms works with the natural environment, please refer to the arable section of this website.

Reduction of carbon and waste


Revesby Estate is committed to reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible. We monitor our energy usage very closely and ‘energy accounting’ allows us to optimise our energy efficiency for electricity, oil and diesel.

The Estate also seeks to use a variety of environmentally friendly energy alternatives, such as green biomass boilers and solar energy generation.

As a further commitment to atmospheric carbon reduction, Revesby Estate plants a minimum of 500 new trees every year, helping to secure a green and sustainable environment long into the future.