Estates are unique businesses. Beyond their financial requirement to survive they often have very clear groups of non-financial objectives. We call these building blocks. In total we have four, the protection and improvement of:

In 1143AD the Monastery was built and the Estate gained its identity for the very first time. However, it only became a private Estate, when King Henry VIII dissolved the Monastery and gifted it to his brother in Law.


In 1714 the Estate was purchased by Joseph Banks, since which time the Estate has passed from one generation to another. The Wiggins-Davies family are celebrating over 300 years of unbroken ownership.

The Estate is ring fenced and located within the heart of rural Lincolnshire, situated between the historic city of Lincoln and the east coast. This idyllic setting combined with the Estates rich heritage creates its own unique character.

“Revesby is away of life, as a family we enjoy and love Revesby. We have a deep sense of respect and care for the estates natural environment, community, historic assets and visual characteristics. We are very fortunate to live and work in such a magnificent location, with such great people.”


Gavin Wiggins-Davies

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