Visual Character


Revesby Estate has its own unique visual character. This character has taken centuries to mature. It forges together both the natural environment, man-made structures as well as finer Estate details. Whenever any works happen on the Estate, we are mindful of the above.

natural environment

Planting trees for natural environment - Revesby Estate

Over recent years the Estate has stepped up its roadside hedge and tree and hedge planting campaigns. The more observant may have recognised that every road leading into the Estate has a different variety of tree. Beyond this the Estate has four parklands which are visible from the roadside.

manmade structures

Cottage at Revesby Estate

Both buildings and houses have a distinctive style. This style is the result of not only masonry work but also very intricate uniform carpentry work. On average a team of carpenters spends at least two months a year restoring soffits, facias and finials.

finer estate details

Revesby Estate

The Estate Parklands, some roadside fields and many cottage gardens benefit from original 1800’s Estate fencing.  All of the above is brought together by the Estate’s uniform blue colouring and Estate signage.

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