Sustainable Logs on Offer at Revesby Estate


Firewood sold by the historic estate is recognised by Woodsure for its high quality and is felled sustainably from its woodlands Revesby Estate is offering high quality logs from the Estate’s woodlands to the local community, which are felled sustainably throughout winter.

The forestry team takes an environmentally friendly approach to their work, only felling in the winter to reduce impact on local wildlife and cutting from small areas to maintain green cover in accordance with the Forestry Commission’s sustainability plan. This has also ensured that the woodland is home to multiple generations of trees over the years.

Once the trees are cut, the team creates ‘eco heaps’ and focuses on replanting trees across the woodland. Only locally sourced British trees are used, while a wide variety of trees are planted to mitigate disease impact on the woodland.

The final stage of the process involved taking the felled timber to the forestry yard, where the team processes the firewood. Revesby Estate is certified by the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme – the UK’s only quality assurance scheme which provides recognised standards for pre-packed woodfuel products.

The government-backed initiative guarantees that logs sold as woodfuel meet quality standards based on the moisture levels of the logs, as well as the source and size of the wood.

In order to meet standards, the Estate takes steps to ensure that its logs are naturally air dried to below 20% moisture content to provide optimum efficiency levels, as well as being uniformly cut to 20cm in length and up to 15cm in diameter, giving a consistent calorific value.

Making sure woodfuel meets the size and moisture standards outlined by Woodsure is vital to ensure heating systems work at maximum safety levels and to avoid them getting blocked and causing damage.

Peter Cartwright, vice CEO at Revesby Estate, said: “Winter is always a busy time in Revesby Estate’s woodlands. Although it’s cold, it’s the perfect time to begin collecting firewood and giving our community the opportunity to warm themselves through the colder months with some high quality local wood.

“We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest forestry and fire fuel standards, and accreditation such as Woodsure’s ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme is a way of showcasing this. Revesby’s wood never contains contaminants and is always produced to the correct moisture levels, ensuring it damages neither the environment or our customers’ heat appliances, as well as being significantly safer because chimneys are less likely to get blocked.

“We’re always looking for new ways to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, and we have recently introduced a state of the art automated processing system and bespoke grading system.” Logs can be purchased through the Estate’s website or by calling 01507 568 395.



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