Fishery Rules:

  • Members must sign in prior to fishing and sign out after fishing2
  • Each angler may only use up to three rods dependent of Rod Licence
  • No bait boats
  • No baited rods should be left unattended at any time or under the supervision of another member
  • Equipment cannot be left unattended for longer than one hour – equipment left at owner’s risk
  • Members must use common sense when visiting members in the next swim – as a general rule members must not exceed 50 yards
  • Any tethered or broken lines must be reported to Tom immediately
  • We reserve the right to inspect your tackle or car at any time
  • Members are only allowed to fish in one swim at a time
  • Members must report catches on the confidential catch return form
  • No more than five consecutive days can be fished, followed by a 24 hour break
  • Membership is non-transferable
  • Partners/children may accompany the member
  • All waters are closed on Christmas day
  • No Dogs, firearms or bank side fires permitted
  • Cars must be parked in car parks, and are restricted as per the map
  • Car parking is at the owner’s risk
  • Members must display second membership card in window at all times
  • We reserve the right to temporarily close the lake with no prior warning in certain circumstances (members will be notified via Whatsapp in advance wherever possible)
  • All fish caught must be returned to the same water they came from
  • Injured/wounded or dead fish must be kept aside and reported immediately
  • The fishery gates are programmed to not open between 11pm and 4am for security, unless in an emergency
  • No excessive trimming of vegetation
  • Noise and lights must be kept to a minimum at all times
  • All rubbish must be taken home including tea bags and cigarette butts. Litter in the vicinity of a chosen peg is considered the members responsibility. 
  • Once onsite, members must not exceed 10mph
  • The boat is not to be used under any circumstances – members must contact manager/bailiff if required. If a fish is caught in the weed, put your rod down and be patient – in most cases the fish will swim free
  • Members must not share the gate code to any non-members
  • Members must show the maximum possible respect to other members and households by being polite and courteous at all times
  • Toilet facilities are provided for your convenience – please leave them as you would expect to find them
  • The use of keepnets is not permitted on the fishing reservoir
  • The owners/manager reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior consultation. Members will be notified of any changes
  • The use of drugs and substances on site are not permitted
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in an immediate ban from the fishery with no refund

Carp fishing specific rules:

  • No  braided mainlines to be used
  • Main lines and hook length must be a minimum 15lb breaking strain

  • No fixed leads
  • Minimum hook size 8 (micro barbed hooks only)
  • Leadcore to only be used with chod and helicopter style rigs
  • Cradles and high sided unhooking mats only
  • Minimum 42” carp landing net
  • Fish care kits are compulsory must be used to treat wounds/hook holds
  • Fish can be kept for max 1hr, floating retainers to be used only (NO SACKS)
  • When returning a fish, members must ensure it’s fully recovered
  • Members must only fish from numbered swims
  • Shockleaders are only permitted for use when there is no weed present in the reservoir
  • No Peanuts or Tiger nuts, all other particles have to be precooked and soaked
  • When handling fish for photography, please keep over mat at all times and keep low to the ground! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a fish be carried back to the water – ALWAYS return it in your weigh sling
  • No 360 rigs (the ronnie/spinner rig is allowed)
  • Surface fishing is permitted but use your common sense when it’s extremely weedy


WhatsApp Rules

  • All members must be on the Whats App Group so we can keep you informed easily
  • The group is for catch reports and pictures (if you wish), general chats about tactics etc and for us to keep you posted on any work or events round the lake that might involve you
  • Strictly no swearing or inappropriate images
  • No negative comments or bullying (email management if you have concerns about something)
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in an immediate ban from the Fishery with no refund

Our fisheries memberships are valid for a year and run from 1st June – 31st May (no closed season). Contact us today to find out more about how you can become a member.