Revesby Estate Pledges to Sustainably Manage Woodlands for Future Generations


A woodland management plan has been implemented by the historic Revesby Estate to ensure the protection of its woodlands.

Revesby Estate has launched a 10-year woodland management plan to protect its woodlands and help local people contribute to its preservation for future generations.

Created by Sharkey Forestry, the plan gives the Estate’s custodians, the Wiggins-Davies family, a specific woodland management process which outlines how to effectively plant, prune, thin and fell trees, including sustainable felling

In order to maintain the highest standards of woodland sustainability and ensure no wood goes to waste, the Estate sells wood from its felled trees as firewood. The plan guarantees that every box of logs purchased from the Estate’s online shop comes from Forestry Commission-approved, sustainably managed

Peter Cartwright, Revesby Estate Vice CEO, said: “Here at Revesby Estate we believe that working for today means working for the future and all aspects of our work have environmental responsibility at their heart.

“We’re committed to the highest standards of woodland sustainability and environmental management, so creating a woodland management plan means that we can now effectively maintain and preserve our woodland areas for
generations to come.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide locally and sustainably sourced logs to the local area and by buying our logs, people can be assured that they’re playing a part in supporting our historic woodlands.”

The hardwood logs sold from the Estate are sourced from local trees and are fully traceable, as well as being produced to Woodsure standards, ensuring that the Estate are supporting the woodland whilst still selling high quality, environmentally sensitive and sustainable products.

Sustainable felling cycles are a key part of the woodland management plan in order to create room for a mix of multi-generational trees in the woodland.

The plan also includes a commitment to replanting any felled trees, helping to secure a green and sustainable environment long into the future.

The Estate aims to plant at least 500 trees every year and all trees planted on the
estate will be grown from English seed stock to help prevent disease, reduce pest infestation, and support native tree species.

Liz Sharkey, managing director at Sharkey Forestry Ltd, said: “It’s great to see that Revesby Estate is making steps to ensure its woodlands are safeguarded for the future. “Woodlands can often be affected by pests, diseases and climate change so a woodland management plan helps to identify the potential threats and take action to make the woodlands more resilient for the future.

“Revesby Estate is a historic environment and we had to make sure that the plan addressed the objectives of the estate whilst balancing the protection of the historic features.

“Felling, along with replanting, ensures the woodlands are sustainable and Revesby Estate is doing a great job of planning ahead for the future. By selling the logs locally as firewood, the Estate is also helping to support the local economy. ”



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