March 2021

As this newsletter goes out, Mother's Day and Easter are around the corner and we would like to wish all families a very Happy Mother's Day and Easter and invite you to enter our competition below.

A warm welcome to you all.  As this newsletter goes out, Mother’s Day and Easter are around the corner and we would like to wish all families a very Happy Mother’s Day and Easter and invite you to enter our competition below.

We are pleased to have Victoria Atkins MP our local MP contribute to this month’s newsletter giving an update of the Government Covid vaccination roll-out. It seems brighter things are on the horizon with spring in the air and we all look forward to being able to see our loved ones once again.

Thank you to all of our guest editors and contributors, which this month include: Victoria Atkins MP, Arthur Pattison, David Noble,  Jose Souto,  Gillian Fisher, Christian Poulsen, and Rev Kathy Bush.

Revesby Estate – Peter Wiggins-Davies

A short video confirming that this year’s Point 2 Point will take place and a mini tour around one of our Parks.

House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

With our vaccination plan on track and the publication of the Prime Minister’s plan for easing lockdown restrictions over the coming months, I hope that we can now proceed with cautious optimism as life at Revesby slowly begins to return to normality after a difficult year.

During my recent visit to the vaccination centre at Louth Hospital, I witnessed the excitement, happiness and hope as thousands of local people go and receive their jab. The success of the vaccine roll-out in Lincolnshire so far is a tribute to all local NHS Staff, volunteers and members of the armed forces, to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude for their hard work in protecting us against the virus.

As we look ahead, the first step of the Prime Minister’s road-map begins on the 8^th March much to the delight of fellow parents as schools return!

With the Government aiming to gradually ease restrictions over the next four months, I am sure that many will share my hope of enjoying a much-needed great British summer outdoors with friends and family. I am also looking forward to supporting our local shops and independent hospitality venues when they begin to reopen, and to seeing much-loved events return to the Revesby Estate in the future.

As we continue to roll out the jab, we must stay resilient in our fight against the virus and look towards a better spring and summer.

Competition Time!

Win! 1 x Revesby Haunch of Venison  and 1 x 1lb Jar of Revesby Honey

Both Mother’s Day and Easter this year will be during lockdown. We know that lockdown has inspired a lot of people to bake. During the month of March we are hosting our very own “Revesby Bake-Off”. We want to see your homemade Mother’s Day/Easter baking creations, whether it be a traditional simnel cake, hot cross buns, easter biscuits or something very chocolatey (it is Easter after all!).

To enter please send your photo to by Sunday 4th April.

The most mouth-watering looking photo will win. The winner of the best photo will receive 1 x Revesby haunch of venison and 1 x 1lb jar of Revesby honey.

Estate Building Blocks
Estates are unique businesses. Beyond their financial requirement to survive they often have very clear groups of non-financial objectives. We call these building blocks. In total we have four, the protection and improvement of:

*   The Natural Environment
*   Community
*   Heritage
*   Visual Character

The Natural Environment
The following piece is very kindly from Gillian Fisher, Ecologist with supporting photographs supplied by Estate photographer Christian Poulsen.

March really brings a feeling of spring to the countryside, the warmth and lighter evenings really suggest that winter may (at last!) be coming to an end. This feeling is very much helped along by the increase in birdsong particularly at dusk or first thing in the morning. Now is a really good time to spot birds in song while the trees are still leafless and most species are not yet tucked away in nests raising young. March is a great month to look for greenfinches with their wheezing whistle or chaffinches with their rapidly descending song (my colleague likens the sound to something being dropped down the stairs).

The chorus will soon be joined by migrant species returning to breeding territories and the evocative sound of the chiff chiff (pictured above) is usually heard this month from treetops followed soon after by the beautiful rich melody of a blackcap hidden deep in the scrub.

Woodland flowers tend to flower before the trees come into leaf and March is a great time to see ancient woodland species such as the daisy-like wood anemone or the beautiful and elegant early purple orchid (pictured above). The early purple orchid has more than 90 different local names across the country suggesting that this flower was once common and widespread. Sadly this is no longer the case so please let us know if you spot one!

Visual Character

A finial is a distinctive section or ornament at the apex of a roof. David Noble and Julian Basford are pleased to have been trusted with the refurbishments and renewal of finials and detailed barge boards on various properties on Revesby Estate.

The photos show the new finials recently fitted to the Estate Office. The finials manufactured from locally-sourced joinery grade Ash are turned in David’s workshop to replicate the original pattern dating back from the 1860’s. We believe that George Bell who was the new  Land Agent in 1842 first introduced these decorative patterns to the Estate, when he moved to Home Farm Revesby with his family from Scotland.

Next month we will see more information and photos on barge boards.

Heritage and Culture

This month’s heritage and culture piece is very kindly from Arthur Pattison.

Revesby Burial Mounds, A Recorded Ancient Monument
Travelling east from Revesby on the A155 and passing the Red Lion Pub you will notice the two rounded hillocks in the field on your left.

You are looking at an ancient recorded monument, namely The Revesby Burial Mounds. Also known as tumuli or barrows these features are recorded as dating to the Roman period and are well preserved examples of this monument class.

The eastern barrow was partly excavated in 1892, and traces of the spoil from this work can still be seen as a slight broad ridge running from the mound’s southern edge. During the excavation the mound was found to contain a burial chamber or cist made of puddled clay containing a quantity of black earth which is thought to indicate a cremation ritual. There is no evidence to suggest that the western barrow has ever been excavated.

The contents of the eastern barrow, together with the size and steep profile of the mounds, indicate that they date from the Roman period, and their location, some 8km to the south of the Roman town of Banovallum, (Horncastle) suggests a connection with an outlying settlement. The site was noted in 1776 by the antiquarian William Stukeley who suggested that this was a place of sacrifice or of rituals associated with the sun and moon.

A third barrow to the north of the monument was investigated by Sir Joseph Banks in 1780. It was found to have been previously excavated and back-filled with coal and pieces of granite. The barrow was completely destroyed and is not included in the scheduling.

It should be noted that the mounds and the immediate ground on which they stand are protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It is perfectly legal to look and take photographs but no further exploratory inquisitiveness should involve physical disturbance to the site; the penalties for doing so are justifiably harsh.

Looking forward to the past, Arthur.

It is so important that Revesby is a vibrant, enjoyable place to live. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 virus all events and activities are on hold at the moment. Please find here the range of events to look forward to once Covid-19 comes to an end.

Cycling and Running
We are very pleased to announce we have a volunteer who will run the Estate cycling group. We aim to start this once Covid 19 allows us to. To declare an interest please email:

Revesby Church
For further information on church services and activities please contact Rev Kathy Bush directly using the contact button below.

Unfortunately the church roof looks to be a very expensive repair. We are looking at many options to try and raise funds, including a crowd funding page Please contact Kathy Bush for all enquiries.

Revesby Play Group
We are looking for volunteers to restart the Revesby Children’s Playgroup.
As an Estate we would help subsidise the Village Hall rent.

Revesby Cricket Club
Lock-down restrictions permitting the Cricket Club are due to start league games mid April .
For more information or to find out more details about next season please contact Gordon Lane directly using the button below.

Revesby Village Hall
We really hope we will soon be able to safely open, we have many exciting classes in the pipeline from Yoga to dancing, from archery to chickens.

The Village Hall is available to hire for events at the competitive rate of £8/hr. After a full renovation last year it really does shine. If anyone would like to start a class or hobby group do get in touch.

Commercial Enterprises
The following part of this newsletter makes direct reference to the commercial enterprises on the Estate.

Arable Farming
This month Farms Manager, Peter Cartwright takes you behind the scenes of our in depth mapping system. Watch the video to see how a satellite passing over processes images to monitor crop growth.

During February we made a start felling in a small softwood plantation known to us as Coggles. Take a look at Tom Winspear’s video to see how the felling has introduced a lot of light and opened up the two habitat ponds.

As we write this we are rapidly processing, and starting the drying process for our Woodsure ready to burn accreditation. All logs sold are below 20% moisture.

Deer Herd
Now spring has arrived, our attention turns to the grass sward condition within the parkland that the deer are free to roam on.

We ensure that this is kept in a healthy condition to allow the natural foraging behaviour of the deer and for them to access all the nutrition they need to be happy and healthy.

This is very important now as the Does are only 3 months away from having this year’s young.

Fisheries update from Fisheries Manager, Tom Winspear
February was a quiet month on the reservoir as the fish remain dormant, so Fisheries Manager Tom Winspear had a trial fish on the Wong. Watch his video to see what he caught and how big the fish are getting.

Exciting news! Revesby Races will take place on Monday 29th March. It will be behind closed doors but you can join in virtually via a link on the day. Racing commences from 12.30pm and there will be 7 races in total. For further details please visit Revesby Races Facebook Page.

We currently have DIY Livery vacancies available, these stables would suit horses, alpacas, donkeys and more. For more information please contact the Estate Office 01507 568395.

Come and join our friendly DIY livery community and explore over 25km of designated ride out routes on our beautiful Estate.

Commercial Lets
We are pleased to announce we have a limited amount of commercial units available. All of which are converted to a high standard. For more information please call the office on 01507 568395.

Shipping Containers

Customers typically rent containers for the following reasons

* Moving House
* De-cluttering
* Downsizing
* Hobby Use
* Extra stock holding
* Seasonal peaks
* Archiving
* Spares

For more information please call the office on 01507 568395.

Offices and Conference Space
Covid 19 has undoubtedly changed the way many businesses operate, potentially removing the need for large central offices. We are proud to offer conference and offices facilities either on short term hire or longer contracts.

Cottage Lets
We are fully let, however, we hope to start some of our barn conversion projects in the near future.

Micro Business Ideas
If you have a micro business idea that could be run on the Estate do get in touch.

This month resident game chef, Jose Souto shares his recipe for a delicious lasagne.

Lasagne is an Italian classic normally made with beef mince but venison mince is a great alternative, as it is low in fat and full of flavour. My wife Charlotte loves this recipe and I often make it at home to freeze and eat at a later date. The secret is not to be in a hurry to cook the meat, cook it long and slow to make a fantastic tasting mince. Give it a go and I am sure you and your family will enjoy.

Light Olive oil
1kg Venison mince
1 onion finely chopped
1 large carrots finely chopped
2 sticks of celery finely chopped
2 cloves of Garlic very finely chopped
2 tsp tom puree
1 sprig Thyme
1 tsp chopped Oregano
1 bay leaf
50g Plain flour
2 x 400g cans of chopped Tomatoes
1 lt venison stock or dark chicken stock
400g Fresh or Dried pasta sheets

Cheese Sauce
500ml milk
50g butter
½ onion
1 bay leaf
2 cloves
50g Plain flour
25g parmesan
50g cheddar cheese

1. Place the milk into a saucepan on stove add ½ onion, bay leaf and cloves. Bring milk to boil and then turn off and keep warm in sauce pan.

2. Bring the stock to the boil and keep warm.

3. Place a little oil in a large sauce pan when hot’ add half the mince and fry off then until cooked then remove from the pan. Add some more oil to the pan reheat and fry off the rest of the meat and again remove from pan. In the same pan now cook off the onion and garlic in a little oil without colour. After 5 min add the carrot, celery once the veg is cooked off add the meat stir well then add tom puree, herbs and cook for 4 min then add flour stir well add tinned tomatoes and cook for a further 5 min then add the hot stock and bring to boil. Cook on a gentle heat for at least an hour and a half if it reduces a lot and becomes too thick add some more stock. Correct seasoning and allow to cool before using.

4. Melt butter in a sauce pan add flour and mix to form a roux cook for a min or 2 then pull off heat and allow to cool slightly. Remove the onion, bay leaf and cloves from the milk then stir in a 1/3 of the milk into roux mixing well until smooth then add another 1/3 again stirring again until smooth and then the final 1/3 turn the heat down and allow to cook out for 30 min then add the ½ the Cheddar cheese and all the parmesan to the sauce stir well then allow to cool.

5. Once the meat and cheese sauce have cooled down take a deep oven dish and start by spooning a little of the cheese sauce onto the dish then place the pasta leaves onto the sauce, now add some meat sauce enough to coat the pasta then cover with more pasta and then sauce continue this layering until you are 1cm under the lip of the dish then finish with layer of cheese sauce and sprinkle the last of the cheddar cheese in the top.

6. Pre heat oven at 180°C and then place the lasagne onto a baking tray to catch any drips and cook for 1 hour checking that the centre is cooked and hot.

Revesby Produce
We have a very limited number of 1lb jars of Revesby Estate Honey available for purchase  from our very own beehives, hence limited supply. The honey is pure, only filtered and not processed.

Honey, along with our venison, can be purchased from the office by prior arrangement or delivered with firewood logs.

To conclude please find some words from Rev Kathy Bush

Take a moment:

Thank you everyone who has and is continuing to give donations to our church roof at Revesby, we now waiting to see if we can claim any funding, as small as it may be following a site inspection by the Architect for the Dioceses.

As I write this I am enjoying some watery sunshine that’s pouring in the room. Lovely to have some milder weather following the snowy weather we had, though for the children, it was just the thing.

There is certainly a feeling of spring in the air and as a county we are hoping if all goes well, we may be able to have a little more freedom to see our families and hold services and generally enjoy a little more relaxing of the restrictions.

Easter normally would be a busy time for our churches we are still in uncertain times and whether we hold Easter services in our churches will all depend on last minute Government and Church of England guidelines. But online Zoom services will definitely be taking place and I will make sure you receive the link be it through the Estate or Facebook.

Spring brings new life with the first show of the snow drops, then primrose and daffodils. The first spring lambs will soon be seen running and jumping around the fields giving us a positive and hopeful feeling.

Easter is a time of new hope, the resurrection of Jesus reminds us that out of death and seemingly hopelessness, new life can appear like  green shoots in nature. For Jesus after being sentenced to death, beaten and nailed to a cross was raised by God, showing Gods power despite outward signs was still active. For goodness is greater than any power for evil, any coronavirus, that doesn’t care about its victims. We have seen this goodness shining out during this difficult and challenging of times in our history goodness we won’t forget.

Easter Prayer
Christ, we thank you for all rebirths we thank you for forgiveness and for second chances. Both for ourselves and others.

This Easter season as sleeping seeds and trees begin to burst into new life, help us all to become more alive to show goodness and to grow closer into the people you mean us to be.

Revd Kathy Bush



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